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A Baker Bear's Life

Kint Sonnemont
9 August 1983
After three years in northern VA, my partner and I just relocated to Rhode Island a few months ago. He's working for the Navy in Newport, I'm at The Village Hearth Bakery in Jamestown (I am SO DONE with management for a while). You need security clearance to visit him, but you can always stop by the bakery to say 'hello!'

Some tidbits about me...
I went to culinary school...I did the 'regular' program so I've been schooled in the whole kitchen, not just the bake shop. I love baking, but I'm glad I got the whole experience.
I'm a total gamer geek...love video/board/card/roleplaying/whatever games. We'd definitely love to find some fellow geeks in the area.
I'm an occasional smoker...pipes and cigars are fun to kick back with from time to time, especially in good company
I'm a musician...originally went to college for vocal music performance, but I decided against that after a semester. I've been with the Master Chorale of Washington in the DC area, and 'd like to find a good ensemble in RI. In the meantime, I've also taken up the hammered dulcimer and am very much enjoying that.

To say that I 'speak' German, Sign, and Spanish is a bit of an overstatement. I studied the first through high school and have maintained a very modest vocabulary, but I'd love to get back and study more. I just started ASL this summer and am absolutely loving it! I plan to continue with that through the fall. I took one Spanish class almost two years ago now. I think I remember about four words -- little enough that I un-ticked that box.

Music is very much a part of me and my life. I would say that I've been singing for most of it. While I decided against the professional route, I've had the pleasure of singing with some wonderful ensembles including the (sadly no longer) Master Chorale of Washington. I played french horn for several years, and I may some day get back to it. Early this year I started learning the hammered dulcimer. After much hunting, it would seem that RI is, in fact, a great void in the HD world so I'll be driving over to CT periodically for lessons. Since I don't feel like doing THAT on a weekly basis, I just started fiddle lessons to fill the off weeks. So far, so good! (and so much fun!)

For those of the spiritual bent, I was born and raised Catholic, but in a remarkably 'liberal' household. I'm still involved with that church to a very minor extent. Of late I've finally been getting back to expanding my spiritual horizons -- something I strayed away from since high school. I'm doing a lot of reading, studying, whatever, but I'm currently focused primarily on druidry studies through the AODA.

And the question of the day now is -- with a profile as full as this, did you actually read all the way through? Congrats and thank you if so :-D

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