FC is a go!

Reservations are a go! The plan at present is to fly into Fresno Monday night and crash at irc_goliath's place. Tuesday we'll pick up a rental car and head up to San Fran to enjoy a few days before the convention. Jason has some free nights at a Marriott from his summer spent in a hotel which works out perfectly. We'll enjoy a nice, long weekend afterwards at FC. On the downside, we're not at the DoubleTree, but the room is mostly just crash space anyway and we're not too far away. Afterwards, we get to spend a few days down in Fresno with Seth, Sammy, and crew.


FC back on the table?

My friend Seth messaged me with a decent option for a nearby hotel -- we're looking over details, but Jason and I may be able to make it out to FC this year. Woot!
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Almost lovely

Jason and I went to the Chanticleer holiday concert at George Mason last night. We were for some reason a bit tired, and the quieter music of the first half while lovely did nothing to energize us -- madrigal settings, plainsong, gorgeous as per Chanticleer, but we were both fighting off the tired. Second half started with an absolutely gorgeous setting of the Ave Maria by Biebl (a passable recording can be found here) that we did a few years ago in Timbre. It was the one piece they did already knew and loved and was really looking forward to.

Now, going into the concert there was no usher at our row which was actually nice. We were seated at the end of the row and were able to use the extra chair for our coats. I'm not sure if he got lost on the way in or what, but he had arrived to re-seat us for the second half. The hall lights go down, stage lights up, Chanticleer comes back on stage and a shiver runs down my spine as they begin the song. Absolutely gorgeous.

And then, maybe halfway through the piece, our usher decides this would be the PERFECT time to get a cough drop. You know the scenario -- old guy in the movie theater pulls out a piece of hard candy and tries to unwrap it as quietly as possible, while in reality he's only DRAWING OUT the irritation. I give him a long disapproving look, then Jason, then I hold up my program to try and barricade the sound a bit, then Jason does the look again, as well as a guy in front of and/or behind us. The usher finally just ripped it open and popped it in, the sound subsiding and the familiar smell of menthol drifting a seat or two over. I tried to enjoy the last 30 seconds or so of the song, but it took a good bit of effort to suppress the urge to strangulate him which hampered things a bit.

Honest to god, we about had to scold THE USHER for inappropriate behavior during a concert.


Non-Con Depression? I've been disappointed to miss MFF the last three years (and to have my attendance shortened prior to that), but this is the first year I've really had it on my mind a lot. *le sigh* Maybe next year we can work things out. Here's hoping!

In other news, the store has not been nearly as busy as it was last year (my department was about 10% down from last year yesterday). Still, almost 12 hours at work today, and likely at least that tomorrow. Whee!!
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It's pie time!

It's Thanksgiving time. We ran out of pumpkin pie last night. I told you yesterday that you had to make a large batch for today. So why on earth did you quickly clean up and disappear without a single one made?!? Guess what I'm doing before I go home!

The annoying part is the TM in question is our best producer, he just doesn't take instruction well. I think it's a language thing, but it's REALLY irritating sometimes.

General updates...

Since it's been a while...

ASL continues to go well. Have a fair bit to get done over the next few weeks (papers and stuff). Will be a bit tricky with the holiday, but it'll get done. I am realizing that I really should practice more. I can pick up a lot in class, but the practice really helps with the comfort level (and recall!). What a surprise, huh?

Druidry/general spiritual stuff I'm moving along slowly but (I think) surely. Initially I was going crazy, reading bits and pieces here and there, rebuilding my library -- I quickly overwhelmed myself and realized I could/should slow down a bit and focus. No need to rush! Again, the practice/study thing. Journaling has been good. I'm not perfect yet, but that's a good habit I've always been bad with.

Umm... work will soon become INSANE. I need to make sure we have product and supply stocked for the holiday, and then everything is pretty much downhill from Thursday through Thanksgiving. I'll look back and pat myself on the back when all is done. For now... AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!!

To make things more interesting, of course, I have a dress rehearsal tomorrow night and Saturday morning, and then a concert on Sunday. Mendelssohn's 'Elijah' -- it's going to be an awesome show, just a rough weekend.

Amongst this all, at least I have Friday ENTIRELY free (and I just got Thursday night off, too). I'll need to do as much nothing in that 32 or so hours as I can manage, because there will be no time for any of that until after Thanksgiving (including the day of because it's almost as crazy, but at least a lot more fun!).

Ok bedtime... goodnight!
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Lemming lemming lemming lemming...

We voted. Good times were had by all. We packed a few things into a backpack to keep ourselves entertained (it was left in the car). After nearly running over an old Korean woman who couldn't figure out that the double yellow lines did not, in fact, constitute 'the other side of the street' we parked and got into the virtually nonexistent line. Seriously, I held the door open for a woman with a stroller and then took my place as the only person in the H-O line. Jason had to get behind two or three people in P-Z (all of whom were also Wongs).

I'm guessing this was just a quiet lunch hour. There isn't much in our neighborhood for all the NoVA/DC business folks, so I suspect the big pushes will be at the start and end of the day when all the commuters get to the poll. Anywho, all voted, yay!
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I have a day where I can do as much or as little NOTHING as I darn well please. So far so good!
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MD Ren Fest

Jason and I kept putting off this Ren Fest this fall, but managed to work out some last minute plans! We had to go see the Mediaeval Baebes again and they were performing the very last weekend of Fest. Of course, Jason's friends Mac and Dhvani were having their wedding reception(s) the weekend AND I had to work, being short on manpower in the bakery again. It was an INSANE weekend, but lots of fun (more on the wedding festivities later perhaps). We only were at Ren Fest for a few hours Sunday, sadly, but it was enough to get to the Baebes show. They have a new album out "Illumination." It's not been released yet, here at least, and I had to pick it up. Jason and I have both been very much enjoying it. As per their usual, it's great listening. As per my usual, I tend to like their more upbeat tunes (even though the rest can be hauntingly gorgeous) and there's a lot on this one so I'm particularly enjoying it.
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