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A Baker Bear's Life
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Below are 20 journal entries, after skipping by the 20 most recent ones recorded in Kint Sonnemont's LiveJournal:

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Monday, March 2nd, 2009
8:52 pm
Everybody gets a SNOW DAY!! Woohoo!!!

Except me! I get to work 12 1/2 hours! YAY!!!!


Current Mood: exhausted
Friday, February 27th, 2009
12:28 am
And now for something completely different...
And a little more 'newsworthy,' at least for my journal...

Jason found this past week's Best Buy ad for an extra $100 off an iPhone with Best Buy Reward Zone Silver membership (yay for tv and new gaming systems last year or something). We'd been waffling on the new phone thing for a while. Sprint would continue to be a good bit cheaper for us, but Jason was getting seriously frustrated with the generally crummy phone selection (and really could not stand to wait for the Pre) so we decided to go for it. Only one discount, but it's still $100 and Apple stuff is NEVER on sale really.

On a related noted, I got a really nice bluetooth transmitter and headphones for about 45% off on Amazon. They arrived quite early this morning and I have them all set up and ready to go. No more dangly cords getting caught up in weights or earbuds falling out while I'm jogging. Huzzah!

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we've been (almost?) approved for our apartment at Harbor Village up in Rhode Island. The community is really nice if decidedly suburban-y (though not nearly as much so as another we'd visited) with easy access to lots of nearby amenities, most notably a local coffee shop. We're planning on a 2 BR, 1 Bath unit on the 3rd (top) floor. There will be extra stairs to climb, but that's really only a big deal on move-in and move-out day. Oh, yeah, and the two or three days after a particularly intense lower body workout. :-D We're a bit of paperwork shuffling away from being confirmed, but it looks like we'll get the place on May 20th. I'll be able to start moving in anything I brought/Jason has shipped up at that point, and then 'The Big Move' will happen after the whirlwind tour of the midwest that will be our sisters' high school grads.

40 days and counting...

Current Mood: excited
12:23 am
Top Chef on Iron Chef?
Jason and I were just doing some late night channel surfing and we caught a quick peek at Iron Chef. It's Bobby Flay vs. Amanda Freitag, but Arianne from TC Season 5 is totally one Amanda's sous. As per Top Chef, I knew Arianne to have her own restaurant. I'm curious as to when these different shows were filmed and all. Anybody catch more of that episode? We just saw a few minutes in the middle.

Anywho, thought that was kinda interesting.
Monday, February 16th, 2009
7:25 pm
BK Burger Shots?
So does anybody else think this push for slider-type hamburgers is just a good way to sell less for more with a good marketing gimmick? We just did dinner with friends a few days ago and half of one menu page was for these, too.
Tuesday, February 10th, 2009
11:20 pm
Insanity in 55
The countdown has begun to several weeks of absolute insanity. 55 days from now is my last day at Fair Lakes. I should probably let my bosses know that is, in fact, the official date. From there, I have a few days to finish loading a bunch of crap into the car, then I'm due in Rhode Island on April 8th to start work at The Village Hearth on the 9th for Easter Weekend. Sometime between now and then I have to figure out a room to rent, too. A year ago Andrea would have let me just stay at the bakery, but the former living space is being converted into a cafe area right now.

About a month after that, I drive back down to Virginia to spend a week or so here with Jason for his graduation. I'll finally get to meet the rest of his family (eep!), touch base with some friends again, and if all goes well I'll get to see the Master Chorale perform Carmina Burana. I really wanted to sing in that one, but this would still be most excellent.

I'm back up to Rhode Island the following week to work one more weekend, then I have to train/bus/fly down to VA around May 25th. During the following few days, Jason and I will do as much to pack and clean and prep this apartment for moving as we possibly can. Soon thereafter, we each have a sister graduating from high school. Thursdayish we'll fly into Chicago and pick up a rental car and drive straight to my family's place in Iowa. We'll spend about five days there around my sister's graduation (May 31st). After that, we drive back and spend about five days with his family around his sister's graduation (June 5th) and a friend's wedding (June 6th).

After all that craziness, we fly back to VA, finish packing/cleaning/loading, and then Jason gets his car and I get the moving truck and we're on the road to RI together. We'll hopefully have a few days to unload before I have to get right back to work. At least Jason should have a week or two of down time before he starts up with the Navy.

(Jason, don't read this last part) ;)

Of course, Jason's insanity begins even sooner, too, what with defending his dissertation and all that fun stuff. Good times!

Current Mood: excited
Sunday, February 8th, 2009
10:25 pm
In other more musical news...
My dulcimer lessons continue to go quite well. Three lessons in now and my instructor effectively said I've nearly 'outgrown' the small rental model. Quick bit of info -- the dulcimer has two 'bridges' with a series of 'markers' where the strings cross. The size/range is gauged by the number of markers on each bridge. A smaller 12/11 or 13/12 like the rental Songbird covers about 2 1/2 octaves. A 16/15 one like this one (by the local crafters of June Apple) is a full 3. Fortunately, I can get a decent 16/15 for less than that particular one (pretty though it may be!).

Thank goodness for tax returns!
Friday, February 6th, 2009
11:48 am
Back to the gym; 3 for 3!
I've been getting to the gym off and on through the fall and winter, but I've definitely been out of a routine since last summer. I'm REALLY looking forward to the move and how I'll have a stable schedule and all that to work an actual life around. Still I figured rather than waiting out the two months, I may as well get back to things now! Definitely been a while, though, my legs are decidedly jelly-like at the moment.
Thursday, February 5th, 2009
12:27 am
Top Chef Makes Me Sad :(
I've been following since Season 3 now, and while I've disagreed with some elimination decisions before this is the lamest one yet.

Current Mood: disappointed
Saturday, January 31st, 2009
11:43 pm
Emeril Green!
Many thanks to irc_goliath for recording and burning these for me, and to jasepanda for getting them up on YouTube. If any of my friends are curious, these are my two snippets from the first season of the Emeril Green show. I was excited by the bread one, much less so about the tortilla, but both came out really quite well. Yay for editing!

Click for videos!Collapse )

The first season of the show went really well all in all. Some customers were less than thrilled by the intrusion and sales tended to dip a bit on those days. Fortunately, we were able to negotiate things with Discovery Channel to get something out of this all so we're a go for the second season. Woot!

Current Mood: pleased
Monday, January 26th, 2009
1:25 am
Further Exhaustion!
FC has been a lot of fun. Generally laid back and mellow, but that's been totally cool for the both of us (and the rest of the posse). Tonight is our last night, tomorrow we're off to San Fran. Hurrah for San Fran and a room with just the two of us in a king size bed. Love you, Seth & Scott, but king size bed for the win.
Thursday, January 22nd, 2009
10:48 pm
We're all settled in for FC. Jason and I are staying at the Holiday Inn (sad), room #8237.

See you all around!
Saturday, January 10th, 2009
10:40 pm
Three day whirlwind
Ok, I'm exhausted, but here's a basic summary.

Jason and I left home about 7:45 Thursday morning, got Darla to Ann & Lloyd's, got some food for the road, and were on our way just after 8:00. We made very good time up to RI and got in around 3:30 or so. We settled into the bed & breakfast and eventually got out for a nice seafood dinner.

Friday I jumped right into things at the bakery. It's the slow season so I got in around 5:00 and worked for about 5 or 6 hours. Andrea and Dorrie were great, as was Jackie, their retail help. Andrea mostly does the breads, Dorrie most of the pastries. Their early morning radio is tuned to NPR (this seemed a good start), and given as how I'll be moving up here with/because of Jason I had to assess their political leanings. A few comments about the MN senatorial race and something about gay adoption quickly established them all as totally cool.

Both days went quite well all in all. Needed to double check a few things, and have Andrea show me how he did a few things, but otherwise I jumped right back in. Rather like riding a bike and all that. He said it was a lot of help having somebody who (a) already knows a lot and (b) is available all year. They've had some good help from college students, and their great for the busy summer season, but they're gone around the holidays

Pay isn't phenomenal, but we very much expected that. The rate seems perfectly reasonable for the area and the job. Maybe a bit low for the experience, but not bad, and really once my skills have been put to the test in the busy season there will be the opportunity to bump things a bit. Still, I'm quite content with everything. Also, I'll only be working 4 days a week. that will easily be 40 hours during peak times, but it may be nice to stay on with Whole Foods as a part timer just get a little extra income. If the Cranston store would like me, I'll try it out for a bit and figure if I can actually make it work or not.

This was the one last gigantic unknown looming on our horizon. Everything is all in place now, and we start worrying about the actual moving process. We ended up visiting three different apartment complexes this weekend, and we'll want to keep an eye at local postings for others, as well as possibly houses for rent. We're pretty excited by the first place we visited. It is the longest commute of the three so far, but that still isn't bad, and the place is otherwise quite awesome.

Since I'm taking this job, I do have to go out early. I'll likely be in RI by Easter Weekend (4/9-4/12). I'll definitely miss the last Master Chorale concert of the season (though I'll be able to come back to see it!), and I may even miss our second-to-last one with the NSO because it is Easter weekend. Anywho, a mere month later I'll be back in VA for a good 7-10 days around Jason's graduation, and at the end of the month we'll go see our sisters graduate HS and then *gasp* will actually move out into our new place.

Can you say "Glee!"? We're pretty hyped :-D And exhausted. Goodnight!
9:52 am
Day 2 at The Village Hearth was great. Dorie and Andrea are both really nice, the work is what I love... this'll be wonderful! Long drive home now, but more details to come.
Wednesday, January 7th, 2009
10:56 pm
Sleep? Yes, please!
So I'm not really getting much this week, but it's all good! Work was slow but crazy since I have two of my three supervisors out sick until Friday. I ended up going in early all three days. If all goes well I'll be asleep here soon, because tomorrow morning we're up early again to get on the road to Rhode Island. I'll be working bright and even earlier on Fri/Sat at The Village Hearth where, if all goes well, I'll be working when we move. It's going to be a painfully short trip for as much time as we spend in the car, but it will be a good one. This really is the final deciding factor, and once this weekend happens we actually start planning THE MOVE.

At least I can sleep in Sunday and Monday. Hurrah!
Friday, January 2nd, 2009
5:41 pm
I can has dulcimer
June Apple Dulcimers were incommunicado after sending them a rental request a few days ago. I figured there was holiday business, but also their website was a bit... basic... and I thought there might have been an error with the form submission. I emailed them shortly thereafter but still nothing. I was all set to call my teacher and say "hey, nevermind on the rental, I'll get one from you" but while at Tyson's today I found a message in GMail. So, we finally connected and set up a visit -- they're close enough, I figured we could drive out, get the rental, and go. Instead, though, we got the full tour of their facilities and the various instruments they do. It really was a neat hour or so. It's also great that they'll credit up to six months of rental fees ($240) to the purchase of one of their instruments which I will very likely do down the road if I stick with this.

Thursday, January 1st, 2009
5:06 am
NYE Success!
New Years Eve was a rousing success! Generally low key, but lots of fun. Good food, good company, good times. Thank god I don't have to work today. Happy New Year everyone!

Current Mood: exhausted
Thursday, December 18th, 2008
6:58 pm
And he's off!
Jason flew back to Chicago this afternoon for the holiday. Work and choir should keep me rather busy at least, but it'll be awfully quiet at home. Anybody in town got some free time in the coming week or so? :-D
Wednesday, December 17th, 2008
1:44 am
Well, if ASL is out for next year I'll have a good bit more free time and a bit of free money in the coming months. I'm seriously considering taking up hammered dulcimer lessons. My mom loves the instrument, and I very much do, too. I've actually been pondering it since starting into Druidry. One can choose any of seven 'spirals' of study, one of which is music. I thought about studying this instrument. Anywho, there's a prospective teacher not too far away (and another a bit further away that I actually spoke to a few months ago when she was playing at our store).

Here's an amazing recording I found on YouTube while browsing this evening.
Wednesday, December 10th, 2008
8:48 pm
Milk -- Go See It!!!

Jason and I went this afternoon and both very much enjoyed it. Seriously, go see it!
Monday, December 8th, 2008
11:53 pm
On the downside...
I might not be able to continue with ASL 4 this coming semester. Even with the chance of moving out early, I figured I could just audit the class if that seemed likely. Yes, it's a bit spendy to not be getting credit, but I want to continue through. Trouble is, with the trip I'd be missing four classes right up front -- all of weeks 2 and 3. That might not be so good. Well, that and having to pay for tuition plus the usual holiday expense plus the trip all back to back.

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