Kint Sonnemont (kint) wrote,
Kint Sonnemont

Onward down the road of insanity...

Jason's family came in for the weekend to witness his official gradification. I'd say all in all it went quite well. They said I'm nice, and I think that's the best I can hope for right now. :-D Friday we just did a late lunch of dim sum and a light dinner. Saturday was quite full with commencement, Wendy's for a quick lunch, and then a bit (belated) Mother's Day dinner at the Korean BBQ Buffet (so yum as always). After puttering around with nothing to do at our place Jason got the brilliant idea of turning on the Wii which his parents really took a liking to. Just bowling and tennis, but still. It was quite amusing. Sunday morning we went back to Mason to take some pictures since such things as the George Mason statue had lines for picture taking on Saturday. Afterwards it was lunch at our place, then off to the Kennedy Center for the Master Chorale's final concert.

I don't recall if I posted about that here -- basically, the Chorale knew it wasn't on sound financial footing a few years ago. Many people got together to start driving fundraising and such but the board screwed things up royally. In particular, the chairman for most of my tenure with the group spent lavish amounts of money on meals on an all-too-regular basis that never in fact resulted in an influx of money for the chorale. The economy as a whole started going south, and the Chorale took a real hard turn, the chairman disappeared (quit? fired? unsure) and his tangled mess of bookkeeping was left to those after him to clean up. We got a new chair in who really knew what needed to be done and how to do it, but it was too little far too late. It was sad I couldn't sing with them, but seeing their final show was a very good second best.

After the show we went to Hook in Georgetown for Jason's celebratory dinner (and thank goodness we didn't go Saturday as originally planned because Georgetown is enough of a mess on Sunday). That was followed by a quiet evening at our place. This morning we all met at his parent's hotel for breakfast and then took them to the airport.

We came right back home and started the moving countdown -- final loads of laundry, boxes and bubble wrap everywhere. We're off to Home Depot quick now, we bring Darla to a friend's place where she'll stay the next few weeks, and then back home for more packing! The truck and loading is tomorrow, and the plan is to hit the road at 6:30 on Weds. We'll likely do some touch-up cleaning before we go, but we don't have to do the deep clean until next week when we come back for a few days.

Good times :-D

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