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And now for something completely different...

And a little more 'newsworthy,' at least for my journal...

Jason found this past week's Best Buy ad for an extra $100 off an iPhone with Best Buy Reward Zone Silver membership (yay for tv and new gaming systems last year or something). We'd been waffling on the new phone thing for a while. Sprint would continue to be a good bit cheaper for us, but Jason was getting seriously frustrated with the generally crummy phone selection (and really could not stand to wait for the Pre) so we decided to go for it. Only one discount, but it's still $100 and Apple stuff is NEVER on sale really.

On a related noted, I got a really nice bluetooth transmitter and headphones for about 45% off on Amazon. They arrived quite early this morning and I have them all set up and ready to go. No more dangly cords getting caught up in weights or earbuds falling out while I'm jogging. Huzzah!

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we've been (almost?) approved for our apartment at Harbor Village up in Rhode Island. The community is really nice if decidedly suburban-y (though not nearly as much so as another we'd visited) with easy access to lots of nearby amenities, most notably a local coffee shop. We're planning on a 2 BR, 1 Bath unit on the 3rd (top) floor. There will be extra stairs to climb, but that's really only a big deal on move-in and move-out day. Oh, yeah, and the two or three days after a particularly intense lower body workout. :-D We're a bit of paperwork shuffling away from being confirmed, but it looks like we'll get the place on May 20th. I'll be able to start moving in anything I brought/Jason has shipped up at that point, and then 'The Big Move' will happen after the whirlwind tour of the midwest that will be our sisters' high school grads.

40 days and counting...
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