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Insanity in 55

The countdown has begun to several weeks of absolute insanity. 55 days from now is my last day at Fair Lakes. I should probably let my bosses know that is, in fact, the official date. From there, I have a few days to finish loading a bunch of crap into the car, then I'm due in Rhode Island on April 8th to start work at The Village Hearth on the 9th for Easter Weekend. Sometime between now and then I have to figure out a room to rent, too. A year ago Andrea would have let me just stay at the bakery, but the former living space is being converted into a cafe area right now.

About a month after that, I drive back down to Virginia to spend a week or so here with Jason for his graduation. I'll finally get to meet the rest of his family (eep!), touch base with some friends again, and if all goes well I'll get to see the Master Chorale perform Carmina Burana. I really wanted to sing in that one, but this would still be most excellent.

I'm back up to Rhode Island the following week to work one more weekend, then I have to train/bus/fly down to VA around May 25th. During the following few days, Jason and I will do as much to pack and clean and prep this apartment for moving as we possibly can. Soon thereafter, we each have a sister graduating from high school. Thursdayish we'll fly into Chicago and pick up a rental car and drive straight to my family's place in Iowa. We'll spend about five days there around my sister's graduation (May 31st). After that, we drive back and spend about five days with his family around his sister's graduation (June 5th) and a friend's wedding (June 6th).

After all that craziness, we fly back to VA, finish packing/cleaning/loading, and then Jason gets his car and I get the moving truck and we're on the road to RI together. We'll hopefully have a few days to unload before I have to get right back to work. At least Jason should have a week or two of down time before he starts up with the Navy.

(Jason, don't read this last part) ;)

Of course, Jason's insanity begins even sooner, too, what with defending his dissertation and all that fun stuff. Good times!
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