Kint Sonnemont (kint) wrote,
Kint Sonnemont

In other more musical news...

My dulcimer lessons continue to go quite well. Three lessons in now and my instructor effectively said I've nearly 'outgrown' the small rental model. Quick bit of info -- the dulcimer has two 'bridges' with a series of 'markers' where the strings cross. The size/range is gauged by the number of markers on each bridge. A smaller 12/11 or 13/12 like the rental Songbird covers about 2 1/2 octaves. A 16/15 one like this one (by the local crafters of June Apple) is a full 3. Fortunately, I can get a decent 16/15 for less than that particular one (pretty though it may be!).

Thank goodness for tax returns!
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