Kint Sonnemont (kint) wrote,
Kint Sonnemont

Three day whirlwind

Ok, I'm exhausted, but here's a basic summary.

Jason and I left home about 7:45 Thursday morning, got Darla to Ann & Lloyd's, got some food for the road, and were on our way just after 8:00. We made very good time up to RI and got in around 3:30 or so. We settled into the bed & breakfast and eventually got out for a nice seafood dinner.

Friday I jumped right into things at the bakery. It's the slow season so I got in around 5:00 and worked for about 5 or 6 hours. Andrea and Dorrie were great, as was Jackie, their retail help. Andrea mostly does the breads, Dorrie most of the pastries. Their early morning radio is tuned to NPR (this seemed a good start), and given as how I'll be moving up here with/because of Jason I had to assess their political leanings. A few comments about the MN senatorial race and something about gay adoption quickly established them all as totally cool.

Both days went quite well all in all. Needed to double check a few things, and have Andrea show me how he did a few things, but otherwise I jumped right back in. Rather like riding a bike and all that. He said it was a lot of help having somebody who (a) already knows a lot and (b) is available all year. They've had some good help from college students, and their great for the busy summer season, but they're gone around the holidays

Pay isn't phenomenal, but we very much expected that. The rate seems perfectly reasonable for the area and the job. Maybe a bit low for the experience, but not bad, and really once my skills have been put to the test in the busy season there will be the opportunity to bump things a bit. Still, I'm quite content with everything. Also, I'll only be working 4 days a week. that will easily be 40 hours during peak times, but it may be nice to stay on with Whole Foods as a part timer just get a little extra income. If the Cranston store would like me, I'll try it out for a bit and figure if I can actually make it work or not.

This was the one last gigantic unknown looming on our horizon. Everything is all in place now, and we start worrying about the actual moving process. We ended up visiting three different apartment complexes this weekend, and we'll want to keep an eye at local postings for others, as well as possibly houses for rent. We're pretty excited by the first place we visited. It is the longest commute of the three so far, but that still isn't bad, and the place is otherwise quite awesome.

Since I'm taking this job, I do have to go out early. I'll likely be in RI by Easter Weekend (4/9-4/12). I'll definitely miss the last Master Chorale concert of the season (though I'll be able to come back to see it!), and I may even miss our second-to-last one with the NSO because it is Easter weekend. Anywho, a mere month later I'll be back in VA for a good 7-10 days around Jason's graduation, and at the end of the month we'll go see our sisters graduate HS and then *gasp* will actually move out into our new place.

Can you say "Glee!"? We're pretty hyped :-D And exhausted. Goodnight!
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