Kint Sonnemont (kint) wrote,
Kint Sonnemont

I can has dulcimer

June Apple Dulcimers were incommunicado after sending them a rental request a few days ago. I figured there was holiday business, but also their website was a bit... basic... and I thought there might have been an error with the form submission. I emailed them shortly thereafter but still nothing. I was all set to call my teacher and say "hey, nevermind on the rental, I'll get one from you" but while at Tyson's today I found a message in GMail. So, we finally connected and set up a visit -- they're close enough, I figured we could drive out, get the rental, and go. Instead, though, we got the full tour of their facilities and the various instruments they do. It really was a neat hour or so. It's also great that they'll credit up to six months of rental fees ($240) to the purchase of one of their instruments which I will very likely do down the road if I stick with this.

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