March 15th, 2009


Tickets Booked

Just a heads up to the friends back home, Jason and I just booked our tickets back to the midwest yesterday. We fly into Chicago on Thursday, May 28th, get the rental car, and promptly drive to Iowa, ETA 7-8 pm. We'll be in Iowa until the morning of June 3rd and from there it's back to Chicago through Monday the 8th.

Most of our trip will be family time, but I think we're both hoping/planning on seeing friends while were in town so... hey, let's make plans!

Slight change in plans...

I got a call from Andrea (Village Hearth) today. Apparently the renovation of the former living space into a cafe area is going more slowly than had been anticipated. He's thinking Easter is pretty much out of the question -- probably will start things up two weeks later. Of course, my initial reaction was something on the lines of "NOOOOOOOOO!!!" After a bit of thought, though, that smoothed right over. I can put in up to two more weeks at Whole Foods (will probably settle in the 1 to 1 1/2 weeks). Yes, I'll have to do inventory again (was so looking forward to the current one being my last) as well as work Easter, but that will keep the big money flowing a bit longer.

Will ponder it a bit yet, but that seems a not-so-bad plan.