December 31st, 2001


Soon and very soon...

First, brief explanation...the subject is the first line in a song we sang on the first two Sundays of advent at St. Olaf's. Of course, the event I speak of is something of a sin to the good ol' Catholic church, so perhaps it's not the most appropriate choice but...look at me care.

Yes, in two days 5 hours and 25 minutes I get to mee the illustrious hexas2. Glee! I'm so...well...hexcited. :-) Though, before I board that plane I still have a bit of cutting and sewing to do for one of Ben's Christmas presents. I had to wait for him to get the "demo model" to see if they fit him ok or if I needed to mess with sizing. Fortunately, they fit. Yay! No alterations!

I don't have any terribly exciting plans for the New Year. Working 9:30-6:00 today (perhaps I should go sleep...) and 9:30-5:00 on the 1st. A Linn-Mar alumni I know rather well will be holing her generally-annual (I think it didn't happen last year) New Year's part out at her place. I'll definitely stop by that for a while. Then, around 1ish I ought to give my Ben a call as he rings in his New Year. do that I need to recharge my BigZoo account. Note to self...*scribble*

Anyway, time to crash. Sleep...
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Ring in the new!

One last post before the New Year reaches me here in the Central Standard time zone. I want to wish a happy New Year to all those who have/are/will soon be celebrating. Party hearty if you feel so inclined, but drive safe (or not at all, if necessary!). Three cheers for the designated driver! I know that's quite a sacrifice for some party animals.

At work tonight I wrote out one final check dated '01. I would say it just about brought a tear to my eye but it didn't, so that'd be lying. 2002, here we come! (or are) Along with it...Ben and I can start our count over at 48...only it's hours this time around. Yay!
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