December 27th, 2001


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Silly me, I was sure to wish my wonderful hexas2 a Happy Birthday/Hexmas over the phone, but I didn't take a moment to proclaim to the LJ world as a whole that my wonderful Ben has just celebrated another birthday. Wish I coulda been there with you, Ben...I hope the phone conversation sufficed. Only 6 more days :-)

On a less joyous brother just now handed me a card that came in the mail today. I really wish I'd have been given it earlier. My dear friend Jenny sent me a Christmas card. Get this...we've been best friends since 1st grade (yes, that's 13 years now), I moved back up to where she lives five months ago and we still haven't got together yet. Apparently she's left messages for me at my place, but I know I've only got one message from her on the answering maching and Steve has never told me about her calling.

It's a long story, but I'm really worried about her. This past summer she got out of an abusive relationship with a guy she met at--of all places--a predominantly gay oriented establishment (District 202 for those familiar) that we visited when I was up in MN for Thanksgiving of 2000. I know she's doing better now, but she's given up a lot, and I just want to get in touch with her, do lunch or something, talk and let her know that I do still care very much so. But, we just haven't been able to connect.

The one time we successfully planned a lunch, she didn't show up because she was busying filling out paperwork at the police station or some such thing (basically, all the legal stuff saying "keep this stalker away from me"). I can definitely understand that, but I so wish we'd rescheduled right away. That least two months ago, and still nothing.

I'd love to call her now, but it's so darn late...if only I'd have been given this letter right when I got home, 11 pm definitely isn't too late for a phone call...

I miss you, Jenny...
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