December 19th, 2001


It's all in the timing

Thank goodness I had my juries on Monday. I had a little bit of a cold then, but I was able to warm up enough such that it wasn't a big deal. Yesterday...things went downhill a bit, though I was able to survive rehersal at St. Olaf's. Today...I really hope this is rock botton, 'cause I definitely don't want this getting any worse. There's...oh...maybe a snowballs chance in hell I'll be able to sing at St. Olaf's tonight. I have to go anyway, and Bob knows I've got this icky throat cold, so he'll understand, but I would prefer to be singing.

Speaking of St. Olaf's, I've discovered that I'm becomming a bit posessive of "my" choir. At last nights rehersal we had a few extra people from the churchs regular choir (I'm in the seasonal choir). One of these extras just so happened to be their tenor section leader. Now, I understand he meant the best, but he kept pointing out all this stuff he thought we should be doing and I was sitting there thinking "We've gone over a lot of this. If I thought they needed to hear it again, I guarantee I would've told them. I can take care of my tenors very well myself thank you very kindly!" Suffice it to say, I'm really growing attached to this group. It's been quite some time since I've sung the simple yet often times fun churchy stuff. Not that I'm especially keen to the Catholocism thing, but I'm still having fun. At least I'm familiar with what's going on.

Among other things...precisely two more weeks 'til I get to go see my Ben! Yay! I'm so tremendously excited! YAAAYY!!!! Glee 'n stuff!!
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