December 14th, 2001


An update...I guess

It's been serveral days since I've posted, so I figure I at least owe you all a little "Hello, I'm still alive out here." What to say...

Yesterday I got one final out of the way. I nearly missed it though. My alarm woke me up first, I hit snooze, and then didn't wake up again 'til much later. In fact, 20 minutes before the test was supposed to begin. So, I had to quick toss on clothes and jet for school--15 minutes from here to campus during rush hour is not a very likely thing. Fortunately, traffic wasn't too bad and I was only five minutes late. *phew*

I've got some ideas for a story tossing around in my head, but it seems whenever I get to the computer I either don't feel like it or there are too many distractions (Steve watching TV or something). I was hoping to chat a bit with Ben about writing (he and I are both trying to work on stories). I've got some ideas for him, and I'd like to run by him what I've got so far. Unfortunately, he was hung up on the phone very late, so I was far too tired to even think of writing when he was able to really chat. Maybe tonight, and if not then tomorrow. We will see.

I guess that sums things up pretty well right now. Oh, yeah...and only 19 more days 'til I get to see my wonderful hexas2. Yay!


Thanks to Mungo I've got a new LJ icon! Whoopee! She was kinda enough to draw me a furry pic based on the story I posted here a few days ago. Thanks, Mungo!
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