December 10th, 2001


And so the pieces begin to fall into place...

I've been seriously dreading finals next week. Well, not really my finals, just my "jury." I've been fretting about getting my last few songs memorized. Of course, while worrying about them I don't actually get any work done. Today I just sat down and calmly decided it was time to work. And so I did.

I started worrying a bit when I realized I only had nine songs--I thought we needed ten--but just a short while ago somebody assured me we only need to know nine, seven of which must be memorized. Yay! So, all I really need to do now is memorize my new piece for diction class "Fuggite, Fuggite" and brush up on six of my other eight. I figured if I do it a verse a day (there are three) I'll be in good shape by weeks end. Yay!

Suffice it to say, I feel very good being able to approach the semester end in a calm, composed manner rather than a frantic "ohmygodwhatthehellamigonnado" sort of way.

On a completely different note...

I officially used the term "boyfriend" in regards to that wonderful man in my life (hexas2). He seemed quite excited about that. Does this make things official now? Or were they official long ago? Or will they be when we first meet IRL in January? I've been pondering this a while now.

Whichever of those it is, it is also definitely only 23 more days away. Yay!
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