November 30th, 2001


Late night fun!

I knew that Ben had just had a rather unpleasant phone conversation so I thought I ought to give him a quick call to cheer him up a bit before bed. Of course, as I was dialing I knew full well just how long a "short" conversation would last--turned out being just over an hour and a half last night. We finally turned in at 1:30 (12:30 Ben's time). I was a litle tired this morning, but fortunately my first class was a discussion group, 'cause I know I would've been out like a light if it was a lecture.

I had a quiz in music theory today--I tend to like the written quizzes. I do pretty well on those. Too bad I have another quiz for that this afternoon--sightsinging. Since I had a choir concert last night, we cancelled rehersal today, so if it weren't for that darn sightsinging quiz I'd be at home right now. Oh, well...2 1/2 hours and I'll be there anyway. Now, to occupy myself so I don't doze off and sleep through aformentioned sightsinging quiz. :-)
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    Real McCoy "Another Night"--House Mix