November 29th, 2001


I'm awake, I swear!

Seriously, I think I was concious least 75% of Music and Society today. That's pretty good for me. Strange thinking I've only got...two and half weeks of that class left. And all my others, too. Wow... It looks like my finals week is going to be pretty easy. Music and Society has no final, piano we'll do outside of class time one on one with the instructor, for diction we'll just sing the songs we learned and IPAed, and then music theory is the only class I'll really have a final exam for. So, I suspect I'll be able to get a good 30-40 hour week in at work.

With winter break fast approaching, I'm growing ever more excited to go visit my Ben in Wyoming (hexas2). We have officially secured plane tickets for me to fly out. Now, I just need to work to pay for them. :-) And I suppose praying for good weather right around then would be a good thing, too. Only 34 more days. Yay!!