November 26th, 2001


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Ok, so I was supposed to get caught up on sleep this past weekend. Nice thought, but no go. I wasn't up too late Thursday night, but Friday I got to hang out at the Martin's and Saturday I went with some old high school buddies to see Monster's Inc, after which we chatted at Brian's 'til a ridiculous hour. I mean, it's not like 1:30 am is too bad normally, but it is when I have to get up at 7:30 the next day to join the family for a big breakfast and then drive 4 1/2 hours back to school. Fortunately, Rachel went with again, so she took the wheel for half of the trip.

One little downside to the whole excursion...Sunday was the first time I was supposed to sing with the St. Olaf's seasonal choir at an actual service. Traffic got kinda bad shortly past the Minnesota border and slowed us down to legal or just slightly below speeds. I dropped Rachel off and got to the church just shortly before mass started. I probably could've snuck in to join the choir, but wasn't sure if I should so I didn't (as it turned out, they'd saved me a seat right up until they sung the first song, then they filled it in). Instead, I sat in the back of the church as a regular parishoner. At least some of the people next to me liked hearing me sing--that cheered me up a bit. :-)

I'm quite happy I got to chat with Ben over the weekend, both on-line and on the phone. Oh, how I'm looking forward to flying out to Wyoming. Only 37 more days!
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