November 13th, 2001


In brief...

Gotta make this post quick. When it's done, gotta send out "please send money" notice to Dad before I take off for class (rent is due soon). was pretty crazy last night. We had a "Columbus Day Sale" (I think that's the holiday) so there were plenty of people. I was stuck on registers most of the evening, but I got to escape a little bit every now and then.

I managed to sleep in this morning and missed my bus by 15 minutes. The crazy thing is, I actually got to sleep "early" last night (midnight) and so got more sleep than usual. Fortuantely for me, Tuesday is a good day to drive to school (I have a nice two hour break between my first class and my voice lesson to go home and do fun this). I ended up getting to class about five minutes late, but they really hadn't started the days lecture yet, so it was all a-ok.

Onward to e-mail.

(oh, and 50 days!)
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