November 12th, 2001


Ups and downs...

First off...Darla is back! Yes, my little puppy is back from her trip to Iowa. I couldn't make a couple flyball tournaments down there, so she stayed with my family so my team could bring her with to run her. There was a tournament up here in the Twin Cities so they brought her with. I'm so happy to have her back. If I did this right, her pic should be my LJ image for this entry.

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Straight acting? Yeah right!

Ok, so I found the link in Ferret's journal and gave the "straight acting job" test a try but I found it to be...well...innaccurate. My results (below) say it's borderline gay, but not quite. C'mon...I work at the fabric store! I spend my days matching colors for old ladies and, occasionally, cute guys. Borderline my ass... ;-)

How does your job rate?

BAM! Congratulations! Although a borderline gay-acting job, yours just skinned by on the straight acting side. Just like Emeril's, your job may require that you participate in some less than straight acting behavior but look at it this way: Guys really go for other guys who can cook and as long as your using phrases like KICK IT UP A NOTCH who gives a damn if your apron says 'Kiss the Cook'!

Anyway, if you feel so inclined, you can go here to rate your job. Results are not guaranteed to be accurate.
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Italian diction was quite a blast today. We didn't do anything especially exciting in class, but we did make plans for some fun stuff down the road. The plan is that on Friday, December 14th (the last day of classes), we're all going to go the Italian restuarant "Bucca" in downtown Minneapolis. We've got the time all picked out (7:00 pm), we even discussed attire (formal, and the outfit must include red), as well as our own little extra special twist. Over the next few weeks, during our Wednesday class time, we'll be prepping some pieces to actually sing at dinner that night. Suffice it to say, I'm quite excited about this all! Professor Zaro, you rock my world!
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