November 1st, 2001



Ok, so Halloween wasn't too terribly exciting. I think Steve had a whole five or six groups of kids stop by the place last night. It was really slow. Personally, I got some more work done on the wool pants I'm making (they're very comfy!). I could've finished last night, but I just wasn't in a sewing mood. I got the zipper in and stopped there. Just need to put in a waistband and hem and all will be good.

Today I had to officially withdraw from NATS competitions. To explain, NATS is a nationwide vocal music competition, though I believe each state hosts it's own competition, so you don't have to travel way out of state or anything. Anyway, to make this short and sweet, I'm broke. I've already paid the $15 to compete, but I also would need to pay an accompanist. The cheapest offer I got was $30 per day (definitely Friday and maybe Saturday if I made finals). Suffice it to say, I might have $10 free to put gas in my tank, but beyond that all my money is wrapped up in rent and my regular lesson accompanist. NATS for me this year. I'm kinda disappointed, but not too terribly so. There will be plenty more opportunities.

And now, on to homework...
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