October 29th, 2001


Home again and back again

Hey, all! I just returned from my latest trip to Iowa about an hour ago. I caught a few friends on-line and had to chat for a bit, then decided to leave a quick note in the LJ to let you all know I did indeed survive the drive. I'll write more after I get some sleep. :-)
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Back in the swing of things

I had an ear training quiz in Music Theory this morning. Certainly not my favorite part of that class, but I think I did fairly well. But, enough about school. My weekend was far more exciting (for me at least). :-)

I had a really good weekend. Saturday I had to work all day, but I took off for Iowa immediately afterwards. Y'see, Sunday was my mom's birthday and I wanted to make a surprise visit. I made good time on the drive back (probably 4 hours 15 minutes from the time I left work including a stop for gas). I crashed at a friends house for the night so I could surprise Mom at church in the morning.

Suffice it to say, Sunday morning I think the whole darn church knew that I was back. As Mom explained it to me, when she first saw me her thought process was something on the lines of "Oh, I see Tony made it to church this Sunday. Wait...Tony...but......Tony!!" My mom let out /quite/ the shriek. Fortunately, I made it to church a little early so it didn't interrupt mass or anything especially embarrasing like that.

The day from that point on went quite well. After church Dan & Cathy (friends of the family) came over and we had brunch at our house. Shortly after they went home to get ready for Mom's b-day party later, Kyle stopped by. Since most of you don't know Kyle...he's one of my best buds from high school (He goes to school at the University of Northern Iowa now). He and I chatted for about half an hour before he had to head back to UNI.

Once Kyle had left, Mom and I went out to run some errands and then stopped at a new little coffee shop in Marion before heading back home. Not too long after that, Dan & Cathy returned and Mom, Dad, Dan, Cathy, my sister Sarah and I all enjoyed a rousing hand of "Wizard" (a fun card game that's something of a hearts/bridge spin-off). After the game, Dad started getting ready for dinner (steak...yummy) when Kristin (another H.S. friend, but she's still in H.S.) returned a call of mine from earlier in the day. She was car-less, so I hurried over to her house and brought her back to mine and she joined us for dinner and dessert, then we got to chat for a while.

I brought Kristin back home around 7ish, we chatted 'til I finally had to book it over to Rachel's house. Rachel is a friend of mine who goes to the University of St. Thomas. She was back for her mid-term break, and we drove back to Minnesota together. I'd say we made decent time on the return trip, especially considering we were both starting to doze off the last hour or so (definitely not a good thing while driving 60+ miles/hr on the freeway).

Given as how I finally got home around 12:30, my bed seemed very appealing. But, of course, I had to jump on-line to see if a really good friend of mine was up. Sure enough, Hexas was indeed awake! Yay! He and I stayed up chatting another hour or so, and I think I finally got to bed around 2:00. All you BMB folks probably know who I'm talking about, the rest of you won't. In either case, to clue you all in, Hex and I have taken a particular liking for each other. I know I've mentioned him anonymously in a few postings, but now you all know who I was talking about. :-) I'm hoping to go visit him in Wyoming this coming January, and then (assuming the best) dragging him away from there and bringing him back to the Twin Cities with me. 'Course, even assuming the best, that'll probably be a while away, but I suspect we'll both keep you updated.

Laters, all!
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