October 26th, 2001


The weekend is finally here!

I seem to have survived this rather eventful week. Read back a few journal entries in case you're wondering what's up.

I was originally supposed to be going to the Delta Lambda Phi Halloween party Saturday night but, since nobody in the fraternity bothered to organize it, it looks like I won't be. So, if there are any locals (Twin Cities, MN) who know of some fun Halloween parties, let me know. I gotta get to /something/ so I can show off my costume. :-)

On the plus side, since I won't be going to a party that isn't happening, I can head back to Iowa Saturday evening immediately after work. Sunday is my mom's birthday, so I'm gonna crash at a friends place Saturday night and then surprise her on Sunday. It'll be much easier not having to drive both to and from in a single day.

Signing off for now!
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