October 24th, 2001


So far so good

I'm pleased to say that last night at least ended fairly well. Work was pretty steady, not too busy. Plus, I actually got to work in bridal for the first time. Our store is big enough we've got it divided into "Area 1" and "Area 2." I'm usually in 2 which is mostly sportswear and calico stuff. Finally I've got a chance to learn what we have over in bridal. If nothing else, it's good for helping customers which I do like doing since I do like my job ('cept for the pay...it would be nice if I got a better wage).

And then, to make it all the shibbier, Steve went to bed early so I was able to get on-line at a reasonable hour, chat with this one really shibby guy, and then get to bed at a reasonable hour.

I like a good ending. :-)
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