October 22nd, 2001


It's been a while

I was going to post yesterday morning while I was making up a hotdish to bring to the potluck/meeting for work but I got chatting with a certain Hexas and so I never really got around to it. Oh, well...

Originally I was planning on going back to Iowa this weekend rather than last. First off, there was a flyball tournament in the Amana's I would've gone to. Second, all my Luther College friends were going to be back for their mid-term break. But, no, I had to sing at the homecoming Collage Concert. That's about 10 minutes of singing which ruined those plans. Oh, well. I enjoyed the previous weekend in IA and this weekend went quite well for me, too.
Nothing too terribly exciting happened. It was just a pleasant weekend.

Off to choir...
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