October 19th, 2001


The joys of homework

Once again I am up far too late for my own good working on a paper for Music, Society and Culture. This time, though, I cannot blame Steve for staying on too late. Nope, I must claim fault for my predicament. I was very much enjoying a conversation with a good friend. I guess that means another night of very little sleep. Ah, well. It was good to chat--well worth the time I gave up.

Later today (like...in seven hours) I hope to meet up with an old friend for lunch. I've been back in the Twin Cities for nearly two months now and I still have not gotten together with my absolute best friend. Lessee...Jenny and I have known each other since 1st grade which means we've been friends about...oh...twelve or thirteen years.

Just a little note here, I'm listening to an absolutely beautiful song right now that was part of the listening assignment I had to base my paper on. For those interested parties, you can find this song in the Music, Society and Culture listening section. Scroll down to #13 and download the song "The Musician Who Became a Bear." I think it's absolutely beautiful. Go, on...check it out.

G'nite, all!
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Where are you, Jenny?

Well, I was supposed to get together with Jenny for lunch today. I got to Perkins just a minute or two late, so I figured she might be there already. *looked around a bit* Hmm...no Jenny. Ok, I got a table and waited...and waited...and waited...an hour and a half later I'd finished my lunch, delved into Hexas' extended Mystic Quadrate chart and still no Jenny. By then I had to hurry back to school for part three of this weeks music theory mid-term. Under normal circumstances, I'd figure Jenny just got busy or missed the bus or perhaps simply forgot. But, she's dealing with a messy break-up right now (abusive ex) and because of that I'm really worried about her. That makes my test seem really trivial right now...

Where are you Jenny?
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