October 16th, 2001


I can be a fairy, too!

Oh, wait, so I'm not the fairy...this just means I have my own special magic fairy (or some other such strange thing). Forgive me, I'm passing time between classes and I gotta fill it with something. ;-)

Your Magic Fairy's Name:
Buttercup Limefilter (Limefilter?!?!?)

A creator of bounty and harvest.

Seen When:
Only on midsummer's eve.

In clover fields where fairy rings grow.

You, too, can have a magic fairy. Just visit this site.
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And now for a more serious entry

Ok, fairys aside...

Today has gone pretty well for me. I haven't missed a class yet. 'Course, I only had one and I was half asleep through it.... Speaking of, can somebody explain this to me? Why is it that, no matter how little or much I sleep, if I get up prior to 7 am I'm dragging half the day and if I get up in the 7 to 8 am range I generally quite peppy, even if I only got four hours of sleep? This continues to baffle me. Ah, well...suffice it to say, I love those days I can "sleep in" 'til 7:30 and today was not one of them. It's still a good day, though...I got a nap after my one class and all is good.

Last night I was up kinda late-ish working on my latest sewing project for work. I got the materials for this project knowing I was temporarily sewing machine-less, but thinking I'd be able to borrow one somehow. This is where I must extend a big *HUG* to my dear mother. She bought an extra sewing machine when my sisters were getting into sewing earlier this year. However, Sarah has done little to nothing and Mary only likes to sew when she has classes so, since Mom has little use for that extra machine, she's letting me borrow it until at least Christmas. I love ya, Mom!!

Regarding the project...I'm making a polar fleece jacket for the (you guessed it) polar fleece display that will be going up right after Halloween (when I get my leopard suit back). All I have left to do is fix a pocket and edge finish the bottom. I originally put the pocket in thinking it'd reverse when I turned it to inside (which is generally the case), but the way this was cut and then turned in, it actually stayed the same direction. So, you know how usually a side pocket will go in towards the center of your body? Well, the pocket on the left side of my coat goes /out/. That doesn't quite work. As much as I dread the idea, I'm going to carefully remove the zipper, trash the old pocket and cut out a new one to put in. I have plenty of extra fabric...enough to make hat, scarf and mittens, too!

Technically I'm also supposed to put a drawstring in the collar but (a) I don't have the buttonhole foot to make the holes with and (b) I really prefer it without a drawstring. I did call Mom to ask her to keep an eye out for the buttonhole foot for the machine, but I don't think I'll need that 'til I start working on a Christmas suit. (or, a Hexmas suit in honor of totally shibby friend) :-)

Now I'm off to the copy center (one of many) to run off copies of all my music for myself. I've had enough fun toting around six different books of arias. I think it's time to lighten the load in my bookbag a bit.
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