October 15th, 2001



Hi, all! I'm back from a wonderful weekend in Iowa. I am seriously tired right now, though, and I need to get to bed so I'll have to give you a lenghty report later in the day sometime. For right now, the pillow beckons...
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What a weekend!

I would hope such a marvelous weekend could have lasted a bit longer, but alas I am stuck back at school. Oh, well. I guess it's not too bad here, either (though I would definitely prefer still being in Iowa!)

Friday I hurried home after my morning class to get packed up, then Darla and I took off for home (Darla being my Jack Russell Terrier). I think I set out on the road with a whole two things planned for the weekend. Suffice it to say, that changed very quickly.

That first evening was split between chatting with my parents, visiting my former co-workers at the Cedar Rapids Hancock Fabrics #1435, hanging out at drama rehersal where I met up with a bunch of old drama buddies, and of course spending some time at Barnes & Noble.

Saturday Erin (an old friend), Mio (our Japanese exchange student) and I all went out for coffee around noonish. Afterwards, Mio and I took off for Iowa City to have lunch at Sushi Popo. Though she's getting accustomed to our strange American cuisine, Mio still very much misses the foods of Japan. We came back to Cedar Rapids and stopped by the Asian Marketplace to see if they had any food that Mio might like to bring home. Unfortunately, they had mostly Chinese foodstuffs. I guess I don't personally know the differences all to well (I'm learning though!), but Mio definitely does. Oh, well... I'm sure there's something in the Twin Cities area, so I'll have to go grocery shopping for her before my next trip back.

Following Mio's and my afternoon on the town, we came and she took off for a friends birthday party and I went to TCR to go see a production of Dracula that my friend was in. Admittedly, he had a small role, but it was fun seeing him on stage. And the young, healthy looking Dracula was quite the handsome creature to look at. So, I enjoyed the performance for several different reasons! (I suppose it's worth mentioning that the play itself was also quite good!)

Sunday was kinda crazy because Dad had to take my brother Phillip to church for the second part of a confirmation retreat, so he was gone in the morning. Mom had a craft show so she was gone. That left me home with my younger siblings (which is fine, it was just kinda unexpected). After Dad and Phillip got home, Phil and I went out to Kirkwood for flyball practice with my Iowa team. I still compete with them in tournaments on occasion, but I don't always make practice for obvious reasons. I suppose I could transfer to a team closer to my new home but I do have my reasons for sticking with Iowa Fly Dogs (primarily because they really need my little Darla as a height dog--all the other full time runners are big dogs).

I was originally planning on taking off after flyball, but when Dad tempted me with the offer of a steak dinner, I figured it wouldn't be too big a deal to get back to MN a couple hours later than I'd planned. It was also nice 'cause I got to see Dan & Cathy that evening (some friends of the family). Plus, I got a nice hunk of steak to bring back with me. I hope Steve doesn't eat it all before I get home from school. I have tonight off of work so I'll probably enjoy a nice leftover steak dinner (with some fresh baked potatoes) and then spend my evening working on my latest sewing project for work.

So, yeah...that's my weekend and the rest of today in a nutshell. Aren't you glad you're up-to-date with my life now? (Don't answer that!) ;-)
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