October 11th, 2001


I should be in bed...

Yes, I should be in bed, but I need to get in a quick journal entry since I promised a friend there would be a new one for him to read in the morning.

I guess today went pretty well for me. I just doubled my load of music to work on for lessons. In the first three or four weeks of private lessons I only got four songs to work on. So, I've just picked up some more books and I've got another 5 or 6 new ones to work on. Once I find which ones I like best and, possibly, add another one or two, I'll have my music to work on for the semster. Once familiar with it, I need to get it all /down/ by the end of the semster. So...that gives me about...oh...two months. I think I can handle that.

Work was pretty quiet today. Because of that and because we employees didn't get to take advantage of the big Columbus Day sale two days ago (well...three now that it's techincally Thursday) I went digging through the McCalls pattern book--only 99 cents each for this sale! Lessee...beanbags shaped like furry animals, purses, big beanbags,and "sewing room essentials." Hmm...sounds like a pretty "gay" selection to me. (well, whadda ya expect???) Actually, some of these purses are pretty good sized and definitely shibby looking...I think a guy could get away with one of these by calling it a "backpack." Hmm...and this beanbag pattern has this cute picture of a guy and girl cuddling up (well, as cuddly as models for patterns get). It would definitely be much cuter with a couple guys...well, in my opinion, at least.

After work I finally got started on my next model garment project. I think I've got about a week left now. I'm making a jacket out of this really neat dark blue polar fleece. Unfortunately, even for fleece it is kinda lightweight. It'd be better as a spring or autumn jacket, so by the time I get it back I'll have to hang it up for a few months. Oh, well. On the downside, I'm temporarily machine-less again. That definitely throws a wrench into this project...no more working on it 'til I can get to one. I think I'll be able to arrange that, at least.

Ok, definitely time to go sleepy. I think I'm only gonna get about 5 1/2 hours tonight. At least I have plenty of time between my one class and choir...I forsee a nap later today!

G'nite, all!
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Weiss Kreuz Match-Up

Ok, so I stumbled across this site and I just had to go see which of the Weiss Kreuz boys is right for me. ;-) Ok, so I'm not a girl, but...

You, the type-A girl, were meant for


"There's no flower like 'baby's breath,' is there? I spend my free days playing my beloved piano. That's right, if it's a nice day, I think I'll take a table into the garden and spread a snow-white tablecloth on it. And then I'll make some herbal tea for you. Oh! Why... why are you crying? Your long-wounded heart is hurting you again, isn't it? It's all right. Only here... Only in my heart, you can show your true self. I am the sea. The deep, deep, blue sea. I'll gently wrap your tired soul."

You, with this kind heart, were meant for naive Aya. Any time, anywhere, you will softly, gently watch over him and grant him peace of mind. When he's hurting, hold him silently, because your warmth is the best medicine. It's only a matter of time before he says, "To me, she is a goddess."

Go find out for yourself at


(oh, and answer the first question true whether it's true or not!) :-)
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It's a miracle!

I tell you, it's a miracle! I made it through the day without a nap! I didn't even doze off in Music, Society and Culture this morning, in spite of the absolutely perfect dozing-off-in-class atmosphere (a bit on the warm side).

Lessee...the QSCC* had a little tent set up over on West Bank here for a couple hours in celebration of National Coming Out Day. (*Queer Student Cultural Center) My DLP big brother and I were going to get together for lunch today, but he remembered this so we just met out here and enjoyed some of the free food. I haven't had a burger in quite a while, surprisingly, so it was good. Plus, I got to meet a bunch more queer folks here on campus, which is also good. The weather was absolutely superb. A bit windy, but nice and warm (as opposed to chilly like it was yesterday).

Hmm...I just got some news to possibly grumble about, but I'll wait to grumble 'til it's for certain grumbleworthy. :-)

In the meantime though, I'll just say I need to burn an episode of Serial Experiments Lain to CD and then take off for the bus so...I'll write something more for all you wonderful people later!
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