October 9th, 2001


So, enough about the robot thing

I think I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown now. Within the next...oh...15 minutes I get to make my way across campus to the financial aid office and sign away my soul to some bank who will pay for my college education this year (and of course expect it all back at some point in the future). Yes, I'm about to take the first step on the long road of educational debt! I guess the thought of the loan itself doesn't bug me too much. It's more the thought of "will my profession provide me with enough to pay it back and still leave me with enough to...oh...survive?" Yes, not only am I a poor college student, I'm a starving artist to boot. Now there's a good combination for you.
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Singing the day away...

I just got back from my voice lesson. My teacher was quite surprised she'd only given me four songs to work on up 'til now. So, now I've got another four to look at for next week. Great... Oh, well, I really like 'em all (we skimmed them in my lesson) so I certainly don't mind. And now I'm off to choir. Yay! More singing!
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Satisfying your everday garment needs!

Ok, so I went into the financial aid office and signed the loan forms. I guess it wasn't too bad. Not yet, at least...I'm not paying for it yet.

In the meantime, though, I have been pondering ways to bring in more funding. I'm sure I'll be needing it before too terribly long... But then, I thought I'd love sewing for people. Not quite sure what I'd do, but I think it'd be a lot of fun. I could maintain my job at the fabric store for the discounts and then sew and sell. It's just a bunch of ideas running around in my head right now. We'll see if anything comes from them. I do at least have my "business name" picked out. History flashback...

Years ago, my grandmother established a sewing business. Wow, was my grandma ever the seamstress. Plus, she had four or five machines in her sewing room and, if I recall correctly, employed several seamstresses. Anywho, she rearranged the letters of the family name to come up with her business name of Chrisalem. Even though my grandmother has since left this world, the name still stands out in front of grandpa's new home. After grandma "retired" from her business, Chrisalem passed on to my aunt. She did costuming of sorts, primarily for riders at horseshows (she's also quite the seamstress). Recently, my mother founded Chrisalem of Iowa (having moved away from Minnesota about ten years ago). She used to do people clothing years ago (like, back when we lived in MN). Now she does primarily doll clothes.

So, I figure I can carry on the family "tradition" so to speak. So...how does "J.A. Chrisalem" sound? Is it cool? Chic? Shibby? What do you all think? Seriously, I want opinions!

(and if I'm just going crazy, please tell me!)
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