October 8th, 2001


Busy, busy, busy

Ok, so I really need to update my journal. But, I had a weekend that deserves more than two minutes of my time. Since I'm about to rush off to piano here, I'll have to leave something more substantial when I return!
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Just a moment! (It's time!)

Alright! I've got some time before choir to get a /real/ update going. Lessee...

Ok, on a random note, does anybody have a clue as to where I got my subject line from. Probably not, but if you're curious, the answer will be at the end of this entry.

I just had a rehersal with my accompanist. Yenn-I Lee is her name (she's from Thailand). And WOW can she play the piano. :-) She's /really/ good at what she does, and since she has so much accompanying experience, she also has lots of valuable tips, pointers, and ideas. You rock my world, Yenn-I!

The weekend went well for me. So far my weeks have been so-so and my weekends have been great. I wouldn't mind keeping that up, although great weeks would be better!--I guess I best not get too greedy, though. Anywho, Saturday evening was pledge initiation for Delta Lambda Phi. Yes, this means I do plan to go greek no matter what you folks *cough cough Ferret* might think. (all in good humor, guys!) :-) Now I have this cute little green pin to wear over the next few weeks. Unfortunately, I also have more homework, 'cause now I actually need to learn stuff about this fraternity. Oh, well, I think it'll be worth it.

Sunday I got to meet up with a friend of mine from Iowa. One of the choirs from Luther College came up to sing in the area and I got to meet with John (aka Gimpy) at the Mall of America during the afternoon. I would've loved to have gone to his performance that night, too, but alas I did have to go to the first pledge meeting.

Sunday wrapped up very nicely with a rather lengthy conversation with a good friend. (You know who you are... *waves*) I was worried that it was going a bit late, but when I realized I actually get to sleep in 'til 7 on Mondays, I wasn't so worried anymore. It was nice chatting with you, bud!

And now...off to choir!

And the answer is...Just a moment! (It's time!) is a very short call-and-response-ish snippet from "Phillip Glass Buys a Loaf of Bread."
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