September 30th, 2001


*Tony does a happy dance*

Woo-hoo! Another fun week behind me. Well, besides school and work, but that's to be expected. Let's see...

I found a really cool location to go Dance Dance Revolutionize myself at an arcade. I'm so happy! Now I'll burn my entire life savings there...well...probably not, but it is a lot of fun!

What else...oh, yeah darling Kate (aka, my wife, the beautiful Mrs. Rogers) came up from Iowa for a college visit at the University of Minnesota yesterday and we got to go out to dinner. Another friend was supposed to come, but he decided he wasn't feeling well enough to make the drive up...and didn't bother telling me. Grr... Oh, well.

And, to conclude this wonderful week...I got a bid to join Delta Lambda Phi! Woo-hoo! Tonight was the first "invite only" get together for all us soon-to-be Pledge Brothers. Finally, a serious opportunity to socialize with a group minded individuals. :-) (for those unfamiliar with my journal, that means lots of gay boys!)

Ok, time for the Tony to go sleepy...I need to get up early-ish to go to the "Sacred Harp Singing Convention" in Shakopee. (don't ask, unless you're really, really curious, 'cause you probably (a) don't care or (b) don't want to know)

'Til next time!
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