September 21st, 2001


Damn you, DDR Freak!

Ok, so I'm finally settling down as not only a starving artist but also a poor college student--yes, the poor starving college artist (how poor can you get?). Well, I'm also slowly getting used to the fact that I can't spend money on anyting nonessential. Suffice it to say, that idea just took off out the window.

I was sitting here in the CLA computer lab. It crossed my mind that "Hey, I've got a kickin' download rate here at school. Maybe I should check out some of those Dance Dance Revolution videos that Andy told me about." So, I directed my browser towards and started checking it out. And then I thought "All this other music is so cool. And my US Mix CD is getting a little old...maybe I can check out the prices on imports." I immediately set out for e-bay. Of course, the cheapest import mix I can find is $45, but...*drool*! So, I suspect that before this week is over my already depleted pocketbook will be even moreso. Damn you, DDRFreak! (Ok, I'm just kidding...I love you!) ;-)

As an afterthough, if there are any kind souls who know of a nice, semi-cheapish source DDR Imports, please let me know! I would be forever indebted towards you. If you wanna keep quiet about if, just write me privately so it's not open to the general LJ public.
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    Dance Dance Revolution mixes, of course!