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After being delayed a half hour and then left sitting on the tarmac for another hour because of a non-existent weather condition around National Airport, we have returned to VA, retrieved the Darlanator, and loaded up the cars. Tomorrow morning we clean out the last of the fridge and then turn everything in to the Parliaments before hitting the road for RI.

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Hello, Iowa!

So Jason and I flew into Chicago yesterday. His dad picked us up and dropped us off at a car rental place closer to their home (it was a few hundred cheaper than picking the car up at the airport) and then we got right on the road to Iowa. Much to my relief (and that of my mild headache) Jason got stuck with the worst of the traffic on the first half of the drive, and things were considerably clearer for my latter half. We are now settled at my parent's place and, thankfully, my sister has been kind enough to bunk with the exchange student and give us her room for the visit. This means we are not stuck in the basement, listening to the kids tromping around upstairs as they get ready for school around... oh... 7 am.

Anyway... hello, Iowa! Most of this trip will be spent with family, but we should be finding some time to get out and about a bit..

Onward down the road of insanity...

Jason's family came in for the weekend to witness his official gradification. I'd say all in all it went quite well. They said I'm nice, and I think that's the best I can hope for right now. :-D Friday we just did a late lunch of dim sum and a light dinner. Saturday was quite full with commencement, Wendy's for a quick lunch, and then a bit (belated) Mother's Day dinner at the Korean BBQ Buffet (so yum as always). After puttering around with nothing to do at our place Jason got the brilliant idea of turning on the Wii which his parents really took a liking to. Just bowling and tennis, but still. It was quite amusing. Sunday morning we went back to Mason to take some pictures since such things as the George Mason statue had lines for picture taking on Saturday. Afterwards it was lunch at our place, then off to the Kennedy Center for the Master Chorale's final concert.

I don't recall if I posted about that here -- basically, the Chorale knew it wasn't on sound financial footing a few years ago. Many people got together to start driving fundraising and such but the board screwed things up royally. In particular, the chairman for most of my tenure with the group spent lavish amounts of money on meals on an all-too-regular basis that never in fact resulted in an influx of money for the chorale. The economy as a whole started going south, and the Chorale took a real hard turn, the chairman disappeared (quit? fired? unsure) and his tangled mess of bookkeeping was left to those after him to clean up. We got a new chair in who really knew what needed to be done and how to do it, but it was too little far too late. It was sad I couldn't sing with them, but seeing their final show was a very good second best.

After the show we went to Hook in Georgetown for Jason's celebratory dinner (and thank goodness we didn't go Saturday as originally planned because Georgetown is enough of a mess on Sunday). That was followed by a quiet evening at our place. This morning we all met at his parent's hotel for breakfast and then took them to the airport.

We came right back home and started the moving countdown -- final loads of laundry, boxes and bubble wrap everywhere. We're off to Home Depot quick now, we bring Darla to a friend's place where she'll stay the next few weeks, and then back home for more packing! The truck and loading is tomorrow, and the plan is to hit the road at 6:30 on Weds. We'll likely do some touch-up cleaning before we go, but we don't have to do the deep clean until next week when we come back for a few days.

Good times :-D

The Village Hearth

So the grand re-opening weekend has been great. Andrea and Dori are going crazy -- I think they've each put in about 18 hours a day all weekend. The new cafe space has made things a bit different, and a bit busier. Dori noted that they're going through pastries even faster than was previously usual. Right now I'm helping in the back of house and they have two people on retail. I think they want one more for each. They may already have a pastry person for the back. That would be good so they don't run out of croissants at noon every day.

All in all, I'm HAPPY to be at work again, even on the days where I've not slept much. This job will surely have it's ups and downs, but more on the up side. Andrea said before I went home that they were happy to have me, and I said I was happy to be there. The work is good. Even on the crazy weekend, it was never too insane, just very steady.

I have a few quick pics of the new cafe area. Dori said they've been thinking about this for a long time, so when the time came for their seasonal closing they knew what they wanted and jumped right into things. Aside from the bit of extra time needed, it came out incredibly well. They did pretty much all the work (mostly Andrea, but Dori a good bit, too). Andrea did the table and counter forms, and somebody in the area did the copper on top. A local potter did their mugs. It's just... great!

Somebody was taking a lot of pictures of pizza night. I'll try to get those up later if I get them. For now, just a few quick shots under the cut...Collapse )

Ok, done rambling. Bedtime! I can finally sleep in again ('til 8 or something) :-D

So when do I get to be a Rhody?

Last night I got my car mostly packed (in the rain), and this morning I loaded the last few bits in. The weather wasn't entirely agreeable, and I hit a few spots of congestion, but generally the trip up to RI went a-ok. Now I'm starting to get settled in -- I will sleep well tonight I'm sure!
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It was raining when we got up, and it just keeps coming down.

And I'm supposed to be loading my car for the move.

And it's only supposed to get worse.



During my nearly 3 1/2 years with the company, I've found it rather interesting that, for whatever reason, my direct deposits on payday never show up until well after midnight. And now that I'm done with them, I finally realize why...

National offices are in Austin, Texas -- Central time zone!

Go me.